Why do this? I wanted to show you paranormal investigations where I had control and was not bound by the rules and expectations of television. Where I could choose locations that had never been shown before, ones I wanted to investigate, ones that I thought you would find as fascinating as I have and with a team I had chosen who I could trust. But most of all, I wanted to present you with the evidence, to “let the evidence speak”. The launch video is a short insight into a 2 day investigation at a particularly creepy location on the Channel Islands. It will give you insight into my style of investigating and also how I might handle any evidence…remember, however, evidence is not necessarily proof.

Ghostlands is the macabre, shadow, creepy side of ghost hunting. It is the scientific attempts at investigating, the scepticism, the constant monitoring.

As Stephen King said, “”Terror… when the lights go out and you feel something behind you, you hear it, you feel its breath against your ear, but when you turn around, there’s nothing there…”

And my personal favourite:

“There’s no conscious thing on the face of the world that doesn’t know dread more intimately than its own heartbeat.” Clive Barker – Books of Blood, Vol. 2.


But this is also about you. You are ghost enthusiasts, investigators, paranormal fans, cynics, sceptics and believers and those who simply want to find if the “truth is out there”. So get involved by contributing with your comments. It’s about recognising that this show is organic and can develop if there are the means available. So say what can be done differently, what can be done better, what you are expecting, what you don’t like, but more importantly what you like. It’s also about recognising that this website can be a resource. What do you want to see here? Would you like my perspective on EVPs, on ghost photos?

Forgive me if the footage you see is not perfect, and given there’s over 150 hours of footage it means not everything is included. You are, however, viewing the reality of ghosthunting. Hours and hours and hours of footage trawled through for a few “nuggets” of evidence. The evidence is real, no special FX, you are presented with a brief taster of the type analysis or examination that could be conducted. I only wanted to give you an insight into a ghost investigation, into how I might see things. This really is a labour of love for the Ghostlands team and so please help us by being involved. What would you like to see, what information would you like on the website, how would you do an investigation? There are already plans for the  future of Ghostlands with investigations incorporating monitoring equipment that measures a person’s physiology so you can see if they are genuinely scared. That’s one plan, there are others. But this comes back to you. Where would you like to see Ghostlands go in the future?


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